Who We Are

Although beautiful, this is not a replica of the live-Biblical theater we intend to construct. Our goal is to build a beautiful live biblical theater with a 2000 seat capacity and a three-sided stage.
We are a faith-based organization, but we are not a church. We are a 501©(3) non-profit organization, organized in the state of Maryland to stop the over 300 homicides occurring in Baltimore and other inner-cities yearly.
The problem our cities face is the senseless murders that occur daily in our inner cities, especially in Baltimore, MD, Prince Georges County, MD and Washington, D.C.  And how the churches and other organizations like Faith And Works, Inc at faithandworksinc.com and Ending Youth Violence at endingyouthviolence.org can work togeher to impact and thereby decrease these numerous yearly homicides committed in our respective communities.
Our Communities are vulnerable. Many at-risk youth and young adults are hard to reach and have no interest in learning the gospel through Sunday Morning Church services. But they attend in droves to action-filled movies in local theaters. So, let’s give them the action-filled excitement they want on a giant three-sided live Biblical-stage. We also offer them employment and counseling, and so much more.
Although, the live biblical theater in Lancaster offer as much action-filled adventure in their productions, as the local movie theaters, for economic reasons, lack of travel means and inconveniences reasons at risk- youths and low-income young adults do not make the trip to Lancaster. Also, the live biblical theater in Lancaster is a for profit organization that do not target at-risk youths and young adults. We Do!
We will draw our target audience, at-risk youth who are prone to violence, in with the excitement and adventure they crave, and we will be local, free or very low cost. We will capture their attention, through advertisement of the adventures and excitement, billboards, and social media. The word FREE coupled with visual arts will capture their attention and curiosity as much as the commercials, billboards, social media regarding future attractions in the local movie theaters, and in video games. They Will Come. They will SEE, and they will learn about God and emulate the positive value-systems depicted in the Biblical heroes and heorines  projected on the live-stage.
Through donations and volunteerism, you can make this vision a reality.