Baltimore City Skyline

The Problem

Change is Needed

Without a change in the value system of our young people, over three hundred people in Baltimore, alone, will be murdered in our streets each year. According to the Baltimore Sun, more than half of the 309 Victims of homicides in 2018 were shot in the head. And for the last six years Baltimore, MD continued to have over 300 homicides each year.


Unless the value systems change, the murders, shootings, and other crimes in our communities will continue. None of us can afford to allow this to continue because sooner or later it will affect every one of us and/or our families. It’s not just about Baltimore, MD, it’s about our entire country. It is hoped that the success of the implementation of our vision for Baltimore, MD will be implemented in every major city in the United States.


Our Vision and Solution

Decrease the homicides and shooting in Baltimore and other cities within the DMV by changing the street value-system of youth and young adults to one entrenched in the Christian value-system of love for God and respect for all people, communities, and cultures.

Draw in youth and adults who do not know God and provide live biblical productions as exciting as Academy Award winnings movies that pull in millions of youth and young adults.(Goal)Target at-risk youth and young adults who are shooting and killings citizens in Baltimore, Washington, D.C. and other cities within the DMV area.

Cast, and produce live Biblical Productions, with a three-sided wrap-around stage with live animals and professional actors and actresses who give phenomenal performances. Our greatest hope is to create an experience where at-risk youth and young adults engage with scripture in a way that lasts long beyond the curtain closing.

Build a smaller children’s theater within Faith and Works, Inc with a smaller stage to teach/educate children on acting and dramatization. The children will produce their own Biblical plays.

It is hoped that cities throughout the nation and the world with similar problems will follow our lead.

Children should feel safe to play outside

According to Bryon R. Johnson, PH.D Co-Director of Baylor Institute for Studies of Religion, Religious Institutions, such as Churches, Mosque, and Synagogues are well-suited to produce the relational network of social and emotional support that help prevent at-risk youth from participating in negative behavior-outcome such as crime.

THE SOLUTION: We are reaching out to religious and civic organizations and individuals who have the same like-minded passion to use the gospel to reach hundreds of thousands of vulnerable youth and young adults in the inner cities.

Live Biblical Theater

So, these same young people who pack the movie theaters in droves will go to the live theatre, if it was easily accessible to them and free or cost very little. Once seen, work will spread through their friends, the media and other advertisements on the streets, public transportation ads, television, and social media, and other forms of getting the word out to them. They will come.


We will use this live-action venue to teach the un-reached about God and thereby change their value system, SEEING IS BELIEVING. WE HAVE THE FAITH, AND WE WILL DO THE WORK to change the value systems from negative in which they don’t value human life to positive in which they do value human life. The second greatest commandment is Love Thy Neighbor As Thy self, and you don’t kill what you love. We recognize that many homicides stem from poverty and unemployment. We will employ and help other organizations employ hundreds of these street at-risk youths. We will mentor hundreds of these at-risk youths. We will not only teach them through live Biblical theatre, but we will get involved.


Please help through donations and volunteerism.

Although beautiful, this is not a replica of the live-Biblical theater we intend to construct.

Our goal is to build a beautiful live biblical theater with a 2000 seat capacity and a three-sided stage.